Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mommyhood: Week 1

Brody is already a week old today. Holy cow. Slow down time so I can savor this precious face!

We finally were able to bring Brody home from the hospital late Saturday evening. The nurses were apparently in no hurry to discharge us and took forever! Between the hospital and home visits, so many friends and family have made the trip to Holland to meet Brody. Thank you all for all your love, support and adorable gifts! xoxo

Speaking of gifts, my super awesome husband gave me my birthday and Christmas gifts early this year. On Friday he gave me the beautiful Mother's Eternal Love necklace. I also had mentioned to him that I'd love to find a purse/diaper bag combo so that I can fit all the crap I need without needing two bags. Clay's a better shopper than I am and he found me the perfect bag. Thanks babe!

I was so pleased that all of the grandparents were able to see Brody the very first night. One of the best surprises ever was seeing my dad show up at the hospital at 1 AM the night Brody was born. My dad works in West Virginia so we only get to see him come home every couple of weekends. Unfortunately, that was supposed to be an "off" weekend and I figured he wouldn't be home until the following Thursday (today). However, when he heard that I was in labor, he hit the road as soon as he got out of work and made the 9 hour drive (in 8) from WV to Michigan.

Yes, I was a crying mess.

Then he stopped on his way home after the hospital visit to buy his new fishing buddy his very own Spiderman fishing pole.

Brody's first two nights were uh... typical I guess. Clay and I took 1-2 hour shifts on Saturday night in the rocker because he wasn't diggin' his crib. Sunday night was the longest night ever. Since Clay had to go to work the next day, I volunteered for full time Brody duty. So from 10 PM to 6 AM, my buns never left the rocker. THANK GOD we invested in a nice comfy La-Z-Boy. There's no way my um, delicate undercarriage could've tolerated anything less than all that extra cushion.

It is amazing how really long the night is when you're awake for all of it. (Yes, this new mom was afraid to go to sleep.) I'm embarrassed of how many games of FreeCell and Spider Solitaire I played on my phone that night. Now I keep some books along side the rocker. I feel a little dirty having a "50 Shades" book sittin' out in my child's nursery, but whatever. He doesn't judge.

The third night Brody slept from midnight to 6:30 with only one quick five minute whimper fest. Glorious glorious sleep! I know all you moms out there are probably like "that's why you should always sleep when the baby sleeps during the day." Well, I've tried. Between the dog, Brody's crazy half-ass nap schedule and my screwed up hormones, there's no sleeping happening in this house during the day. Just lots and lots of picture taking and funny faces... (kid definitely takes after his mom on this.)

Other than that, it's been a pretty interesting week. Lots of learning and adjusting. We ventured out on our first walk yesterday... Brody, Zora and myself. My mom and Grandma are coming over today for some cuddles. Brody and I are also having a sleepover at my mom's tomorrow night while dad is home.  Maybe grandma's touch with get him to sleep through the night. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Daaaaang, Clay is awesome at picking out gifts!! He should do my shopping, haha. And I love those goofy face photos of Brody. He's already taking after your sense of humor. PERFECT! :)


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