Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maternity pics wrap up/public apology to my body

On my due date back in November, in between hospital visits and contractions, I squeaked out my 40 week picture so that I could finish up my nerdy lil pregnancy gif. (Despite what it may look like, I promise I will NOT explode at the end...)

On that note.... dear body, I'm very sorry for what happened to you.

I think pregnancy has forever cured me of my body image issues. Looking back even to my 2 month picture, I was like "look how small I was!" My usual muffin top doesn't seem so bad when put into perspective with my approx. 47 pound weight gain. (Ouches.) Even though my 25 pound weight loss the first week after Brody was born seemed pretty awesome, I know I have a long way to go. I'll probably lose it all right about when Clay and I try for baby #2. Gah.

I also forced politely asked my husband to pose for a Pinterest-inspired maternity photo with me. Sorry Clay, I'm posting it...

Pinterest original

Unfortunately, my husband is like 90 pounds soaking wet and as scrawny as a prepubescent starving boy despite his Mountain Dew and junk food only diet... soooo no belly. But I thought it was funny, so I win.

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