Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let the jumping jacks continue...

I know I still have four, long, miserable days before my actual due date, but this baby needs to come out. Now.

  1. There's no room for food. I love to eat and this epic battle for space between baby and nourishment is highly overrated. 
  2. I set a new record last night for getting up to pee four times IN AN HOUR! When the clock still says 11:something every time you get up to pee, you know it's going to be a very long night.
  3. I'm at a happy place with my workload finally. All tasks have either been wrapped up or left off at a place that someone else can easily take over. I know if I go to work Monday, that'll no longer be the case.
  4. I feel like someone is constantly punching me in the crotch. TMI? Sorry.
  5. I need to be able to crawl in bed and actually pass out at night. Right now, I'm getting up several times a night (in additional to tinkling) to soak my feet in a sink full of ice cold water and then return to bed to continue my bedroom snow angels. If the burning feet and RLS don't die down after I give birth, I'm going to rip my legs off.
  6. Did you know fresh pineapple is a possible labor inducer? Yeah, me neither! But I think Clay owes me a Meijer run to go buy one. Or a dozen. I'm probably just going to end up with a million canker sores and no signs of labor.
  7. I'm out of Tums. 
  8. When I say I'm looking forward to "tummy time," I'm not talking about for the baby. 
  9. I need to know the gender. There's waaaay too much cute shit out there. Except boy holiday clothes. Girls have all these cute dresses and boys have like nothing. What are you suppose to put on a less than one month old infant boy at Christmas? That's why I need Lil Arch to be a girl... among other reasons of course.
  10. Holiday. Beverages.
  11. I'm ready for my 9 week vacation. So very very ready. 
  12. Did I mention I feel like I've been kicked in the crotch repeatedly?
  13. Father Z has been home for 9 glorious days and no baby. Now he has to fly back to WV tomorrow and that's probably when the lil stinker will come out.  :(
  14. I would rather have Clay driving 90 down Riley to the hospital while the roads are dry rather than covered in snow. 
  15. I'm tired of waddling. 

Ok. End rant. Back to working on the nursery. 

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