Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY: Christmas decor and gifts from $0 - $10

I haven't been doing much crafting this year as my time and energy has been sucked dry by the long-legged goober. However, take a glance at a couple of my most-viewed do-it-yourself tutorials to get your living quarters in the holiday spirit as well as creative DIY gift ideas for little or no money!


  1. Hi Andrea...tried making the padding compound recipe for the DIY custom notepads and my mixture didn't go to a jelly like consistency...would you happen to know what could of went wrong...I followed your measurements exactly but cannot figure out why it is not thickening up...many thanks.

  2. Vicki, if I remember correctly, it took longer than I thought it would to set. It was still runny when I used it the first time and after it set for a day, it became the right consistency. Sorry I can't be more help but give it time... It should set eventually.

  3. Thank for this sharing, Andrea. Nice Posts



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