Wednesday, November 21, 2012

39 large, uncomfortable weeks

I guess I'll update one of my questionnaire things now since I may or may not see 40 weeks. Hell, who am I kidding? With my luck, there will probably be a "42 week" post. Besides, I'm carrying a child that has half my husbands genes... so like most days, my life is put on hold waiting for a procrastinator. Awesome.

Total weight gain/loss:
I give up. I no longer care. I'm a large, round cow that waddles and grunts when I move.

We have our final piece of nursery furniture! Called the latest dresser "good enough" and brought it home. I spent this past weekend filling it up quickly with all the clothes that this lil booger already has and immediately had a panic attack when I imagined what it's going to be like on Christmas. Is it possible for an infant to need to take over the spare bedroom closet too?

Maternity clothes:
Most days it's my one, lonely pair of maternity jeans. Still squeaking out a few skirt and leggings days, but it's usually jeans and flip flops.

Stretch marks:
I made it up until 37 or 38 weeks without a damn stretch mark and then one day, POOF! Damnit. Damnit damnit damnit. Guess I get my tiger stripes after all.

Sleep? Oh that couple hour nap I get after the sun goes down? There are nights I think I'm going to lose my mind if I don't fall asleep. Still mainly the heartburn, jumpy legs, burning feet and this rogue limb that keeps lodging itself under my right rib cage. Thanks lil buddy.

Best moment last week:
Getting to refocus my efforts on getting the nursery done. I just love that room. I could hang out in it all day. Zora loves it too... but I think it's because she likes the super soft carpet. I hope to finish up painting some frames and wall decor this weekend and HOPEFULLY can present you all with the grand unveiling sometime before this baby is actually born.

I read that movement would be less noticeable now that he/she is running out of room, but I've actually felt and seen more movement now than I ever have before. I love watching my belly roll around and look all asymmetrical when a foot or hand is sticking out. I'm gonna miss my permanent belly buddy.

Food cravings:
Eh, mostly just the usual. Oreos. Ranch dressing. Chocolate milk. I have had a pretty strong craving for saucy and spicy foods lately... enchiladas, buffalo chicken, pepperjack cheese, etc.

Still banking on human baby, but possibly entertaining the idea of a giraffe.

Labor signs:
Nadda. This baby is going no where.  :(

Belly button in/out:
It's starting to lay flatter, but with the two holes from my belly button ring now on the OUTSIDE of my belly button, there's no hope for any of it anymore.

Feeling like a bloated fatty ALL. THE. TIME. My insides and swollen feet just want a little relief. This whole needing to gain momentum to launch myself upright in bed just so I can pee at night is a little ridiculous. And speaking of peeing, how am I suppose to go for these long walks to hopefully get labor going? I can walk about, mmm, 18 steps before I'm in all out "where's the bathroom" panic mode. I'm so convinced I need a catheter.

Mood swings:
I may or may not have had a huge meltdown yesterday regarding work overload, sick doggies, annoying people, faulty technology and a messy house. I will neither confirm nor deny.

What I miss:
Being comfortable. Tummy time. Clothes that fit. And I could still use that drink some days.

What I'm looking forward to:
I can't believe that I will become a mom (officially) sometime in the next two weeks. Moms out there, did you get to this stage with your humungous belly and all your uncomfortableness and really just not have it sink in yet? I've gone through my nesting stage like 26 times already and I see this moving belly sticking out in front of me and yet... I don't know if I can really wrap my head around it. Is that weird?

So yeah, doctor's appointment yesterday indicated I was only 1 cm dilated. This baby is never coming out. Grandma said I should just binge on Thanksgiving and force it out with food. I like where her heads at, but unfortunately, I would probably just explode and die. On that note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay tuned for a nursery unveiling in the near future... hopefully.
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