Friday, November 16, 2012

38 weeks: The lightning round

Squeamish followers... might want to go ahead and skip this post.

So sometimes I skip ahead and read what's going to happen in the upcoming weeks on Last week when I was checking the 38 week page, it mentioned that one of the new fun symptoms to look forward is lightning crotch. Yes, I said it... lightning crotch. 

At first I thought they were f'ing nuts... that can't be real. I mean, with such a complex medical term like lightning crotch and all... aaaaaand then today happened. Thanks Lil Arch. I enjoy feeling like someone is taking a taser to my lady bits.

The long-legged goober seems to be starting the final journey outta my belly. Other than the occasional jab to my right rib cage, there's a lot of crazy limbs causing quite a bit of pain in my pelvis like every 10 seconds today. Any time now lil buddy... I'm ready. Super uncomfortable and ready.

In other news, what a thought was a pregnancy-related clogged left ear that hasn't been functioning now for a week turned out to be an ear infection. My OB prescribed some Sudafed... which I have never taken nor made aware of the crazy ass side effects. Within 20 minutes, my chest was so tight and my heart racing like I was having a heart attack. Baby, on the other hand, was freaking out. I was waiting for an Alien-like moment where he/she punched right out of my belly. Then I woke up every hour the entire night hallucinating that I was going into labor, but couldn't leave the house and Clay denying I was even pregnant... ya know, normal stuff like that. No more Sudafed for this girl. 
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