Wednesday, November 7, 2012

37 weeks: human chameleon + bowling ball smuggler

I. Am. So. Ready. To. Be. Done.

This past week has been full of changes... a few good ones, but a lot more that can be labeled as weird and uncomfortable. At 37 weeks, Lil Arch is supposedly the size of a winter melon (18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds.) Based on the way my waistline has morphed the last week, I'm pretty sure I'm going to give birth to a baby giraffe. 

I look like I'm smuggling a bowling ball in my shirt right now. Lil Arch even lets me know when I'm sitting too close to my desk and crowding him/her. Thank God for long arms. Other less than desirables include:
  1. Shoes either don't fit anymore or make my feet feel like they're on fire. Sorry work dress code, it's flip flops for this blimp until I come back from maternity leave.
  2. I'm pretty sure the baby has started descending because I now have to pee every second of the day. No joke. I can't even make it out of the bathroom without feeling like I still have to go. Get off my bladder lil one! 
  3. Clay is ready to smother me with my own pillow if I don't stop breathing so loud at night. Um, the giraffe I'm carrying is waging war at both ends... my lungs and bladder don't stand a chance. 
  4. I managed to make it 36 weeks without any stretch marks... then some appeared randomly one night. Damnit.
  5. My super awesome daycare scenario may have fallen through. She never got my email back in August stating we're interested in going with her and informed me that she's selling her house in December with no place picked out to move into after that. Awesome.
  6. I'm turning into a chameleon as of today. I have these weird dark brown splotches taking over my arms. I've read that dark spots can appear on your face during pregnancy, but I don't think anyone has mentioned other parts of the body.

Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I love having this energetic little life moving around in my belly and constantly reminding me that he/she's there (and running out of room). But good grief, I have forgotten what it's like to be comfortable in my own skin. My back is still always crashing into my butt, I avoid stairs and long walks at all cost, I can't stand on one foot to put pants on without grunting and falling over... pregnancy is rough on the body. I mean, you should've seen me after putting on nylons this weekend. I had to start over twice due to foot cramps, had to lie on my back in order to reach my foot to get things started and was panting and sweating by the time I got done 20 minutes later. 

I love you little bump and I will miss you when you're not with me 24/7, but this very-soon-to-be momma is ready to go into labor... any time now. 


  1. "Grunting and falling over" I can't stop laughing. I have a visual..sorry. The baby will be here soon. Can't wait. Love ya. Shelby

  2. I needed new pants and as I was in the dressing room yesterday trying them on I gave up after the third pair - which thankfully fit because I was leaving at that point with or without pants - I was so winded. I'm also certain that had anyone seen me in there maneuvering so ridiculously I would have been laughed at. Who knew pants could be so difficult.


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