Monday, October 15, 2012

The life of a pregnant hunting widow

We're only two weeks into hunting season and husband is currently on his second 4 day weekend "getaway" up North. So since Friday, it has just been me and Miss Zora. Maybe Clayton will be home tomorrow... maybe not. Who knows anymore. From October thru December, he's more of a temporary housemate that stops by once in awhile anyways. 

Friday night, I decided to get a jump start on my Fall cleaning. Spent about 4 hours organizing, scrubbing, wiping down, sanitizing, etc. Got an early start Saturday morning to continue. My wonderful wonderful grandparents came over for almost 8 hours to help me get it all done.... and provided dinner and dessert! I sometimes forget my grandparents are in their 80s. In my mind, they're still in their 60s... always will be. I swear they don't age. Their stamina and health are pretty incredible. I wouldn't have been able to get all that work done without them... I'm so grateful!

Miss Zora was a huge help changing the bed

Grandpa is the best carpet cleaner dude ever! No more puppy smell!

Grandma is a machine. This 80-something year old woman outworked my pregnant ass.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Sunday was my sister-in-law's bridal shower in Muskegon. Had a fun time seeing everyone and celebrating. It has been raining pretty much non stop for the last four days. Miss Zora hates rainy days... poor pup has been cooped up in the house forever. She does, however, love stealing Clay's side of the bed when he's gone. She's such a great spooner!

My sisters-in-law.

Me and the bride-to-be!

Zora... the bed hog.

Taking over my spot once again. Yet, adorable.

Some of the not so fantastic moments of my weekend:
  • The drywall/painted wall safe double sided tape took off the first layer of drywall in two places on the main wall of my living room when I removed part of my collage
  • The nasty wind ripped off my windshield wiper and dropped something on my car causing my windshield to crack in two places
  • Pup ripped the plastic carrying handle off her crate and either ate it or hid it
  • Still dealing with incompetent, rude sales people at Langlois furniture regarding my glider

F you tape. Burn in hell.

Grr. However, I did get to have a nice long Skype date with Miss Moose and Emmalyn last night and I got my hospital bags 99% packed tonight! Woot! I have my 34 week appointment tomorrow so hopefully baby isn't measuring too big. I feel a little unprepared right now and would love Lil Arch to just stay put until after Thanksgiving. My parents and grandparents are going to be out of the state until mid-November and we don't need any unnecessary rushing back home. 

Anyways, welp, sleep time. More baby updates tomorrow!

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