Wednesday, October 31, 2012

36 weeks + Halloween

As I watch all these adorable little children show up at my door begging for candy, it makes me kinda wish I would've "planned" my pregnancy a little better. I should've made it clear to husband that we needed to have a kid before Halloween because I have this unexplainable weakness for babies in their costumes! Not that I would've Trick-or-Treated with Lil Arch, but I most definitely would've dressed him/her up. No fear though... I've had a costume picked out for 2 years now and it's a duo thing... so the lil one will probably have to come to work with me.  :)

Hold tight children of the 80s... next year, Lil Arch and I are going as this:

No joke. My child has zero say in their costume come Halloween 2013. This mama/baby team will be frolicking the streets of Holland looking all sorts of 80s awesome!!

But alas, today I'm still just a large, round soon-to-be mama. My craft paints, Hobby Lobby coupons and I reunited shortly after my "A + a" shirt and made this gem specifically for today:

Googling "maternity" Halloween costumes was a little tricky because apparently the only thing pregnant women wanted to do was paint their bellies to look like some other round object. Yeah, that's great and all, but I don't think my co-workers or the children showing up at my door want to see this belly hanging out in all it's natural glory. Hell, I don't even look at my belly shirtless... outies frighten me. So I opted for the orange tshirt and some black fabric paint for my jack-o-lantern costume (no additional padding required.)  ;)

Speaking of children dressed up for Halloween, check out my collection of adorable tots in their costumes (the chicken is definitely a close 2nd choice for next year... maybe 2014):

In baby news, today marks 36 weeks. Yay!! So close! Had my doctors appointment yesterday and wow, was it quite different from the usual listen to the heart beat and measure your belly kind of appointments. Group B strep test and the "one month out" exam... the last shred of decency is gone. However, I'm only 1 cm dilated and baby is still head down showing no signs of coming any time soon. Good thing too... I have an out of town wedding this weekend I was a smidge worried about.

Other than that, I've pretty much gotten use to only a few hours sleep every night for the last week or so. Heartburn is so bad lately I just walk around making horking noises like Zora. Our glider for the nursery FINALLY came in!!!!!!!! Put the wrong damn handle on it, but after 126 days waiting for the damn thing, there was no way I was letting them take it back. So La-Z-Boy is sending me the handle I wanted and I supposedly can pop it on myself. Still waiting for the dresser that was suppose to be here in 10 days.... now going on 3 weeks. It'll probably be yellowed so it'll have to go back. I guarantee there will be a baby before there will be a dresser. Apparently 36 weeks is the limit for that elastic band in my maternity jeans... damn thing rolls down constantly. So sorry anyone is public that sees me hoisting my pants back up.

As much as I'm ready for the long-legged goober to get here, I'm perfectly content on waiting until after at least Thanksgiving for him/her to get here. Go ahead lil one, continue baking.

Stay tuned...
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