Wednesday, October 24, 2012

35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:
After my 32 week beat down by my doctor, who the hell cares. I was at 35 pounds at week 32, but lost a pound at my 34 week appointment. So close enough.

I have finally gotten enough of my to do list done that I wouldn't freak out if the baby came early. Other than the nursery still missing a dresser and a glider, all the baby essentials have been purchased and organized. 

Maternity clothes:
Still living off one pair of jeans, one pair of sweats and 3 pairs of leggings. I'm actually a pretty big fan of my maternity tops (some of which I think I shall wear post-baby), but the cold weather makes dressing myself tricky. Too cold (and windy) now for skirts. After 5:00 and on weekends, my wardrobe consists of Clay's tshirts. That's it. There… you've been warned. If you come visit me, I have a pants optional policy in my home. Beware. 

Stretch marks:
None. Just that weird dark line. 

I keep thinking to myself, "oh I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore so I can get a goods night sleep." Ha, I forget pregnancy sleeplessness is replaced by a different kind of coma. The achy joints, giant belly, jumpy legs, burning feet and frequent potty breaks make for really teeny nights. Maybe I could get a better nights sleep if I slept on the toilet with my feet in a bucket of cold water and rest my head on the bathroom counter. Tempting actually...

Best moment last week:
Found out that the baby is measuring "normal" so currently no scare that I may have to be induced or have a C-section like my doctor threatened a couple weeks ago. 

I have such a wonderful support group! My 80+ year old grandparents came over one day to help me completely deep clean my entire house and my sister helped me get all my Christmas decorations up. I'm getting less and less mobile as the days fly by, so I am beyond grateful for all of their help! Ashley also was kind enough to take a bunch of maternity pictures of me in all my bloated glory! Thanks Stinky!

Lil Arch is really groovin' in there. There have been several nights where I get to lay there and watch my belly move around. I'm actually going to miss that. It's weird sometimes because I'm not sure if it has really sunk in or not and then to see my belly move is such a mind boggling miracle. 

Food cravings:
I ate an entire container of cottage cheese the other day… never done that before. Ranch dressing is still pretty high on my fave food list. Other than that… nothing super crazy coming to mind.

Human baby. Possibly a giraffe.

Labor signs:
Nothing that I've noticed at least. Occasional crampiness, but do I dare call those Braxton Hicks? Dunno.

Belly button in/out:
Eww, it's starting to poke out. Gross gross gross. My belly button ring hole is turning all purplish too to really add to the aesthetic.

%$#@&*!? Langlois and Babies R Us! I want my furniture so I can finish up the nursery! No one buy from Langlois in Muskegon… ever. I even spoke to the sales manager the other day and he gives me the same "there's nothing we can do" BS that the dumb wench I've been working with gives me. 18 weeks and still no chair. I probably could've whittled my own rocking chair by now.  

Also, as someone who is ALWAYS cold… what the hell is up with these hot flashes?! I am warm all the time now! Twenty six years of my life freezing my buns off and now this?! Talk about shock. 

Mood swings:
The 10 solid days of rain and gloominess we just had didn't exactly help with my hormones. There may or may not have been some really weepy days in there. And apparently looking at other people's birthing photos and mellow songs make me cry instantly. That's normal, right? 

What I miss:
Fitting into normal clothes, walking without a waddle, not dreading climbing stairs and there are days… well shit, I just need a drink.

What I'm looking forward to:
Something in me changed over the last week or so in regards to my attitude towards going into labor. Planning on a natural birth has always instilled this fear of being able to handle the pain or not. Lately though, I absolutely cannot wait to go through that experience. Even apart from the obvious outcome of welcoming my first child into the world, I feel almost anxious and excited to be able to push my limits for such an incredible miracle. I'm sure I won't be singing the same tune 3 days into back labor (like my mom went through), but I am currently looking forward to that. 
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