Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY: Fall/Thanksgiving decor for $1 or less

I hate to say this, but Fall is here. Husband just left this morning for 4 days of shananigans up North for opening day. Once the camo comes out, summer's over and cooler weather is just around the corner. So since it's just pup and I for the weekend, we spent today running errands and breaking out the fall decor. I'm here to share with you a few DIY and CHEAP decor solutions!

1. Ornamental Grasses + Vases (large)
(Grass - free; vases - $1)

This is the one DIY project that you have to jump on early enough before people start cutting their grasses down for the year. Depending on where you live, ou may be surprised on the variety of ornamental grasses that may exist even in your own neighborhood! Collect a lot... like way more than you think you'll need. Put your arrangement skills to the test and make a mess! 

When you go to pack up your Fall decor, simple bind your arrangement together with a rubberband and find a storage room or somewhere to hand these upside down where they'll dry. My collection of grasses is on it's 3rd season... drying them gives them longevity and that "dead plant" Autumn vibe. 

2. Dollar Store Knicknacks
($.50 - $1)

Don't underestimate your local Dollar Store or the dollar bins at Target, Walmart, etc.! Try to look past the cheap looking embellishments on some of the items... those can be removed, painted over, hidden, etc. This wicker pumpkin had really corny glittery apples stuck on it... so I snipped those off. Voila! Menards also has a pretty decent collection of holiday items... not a dollar, but not unreasonably priced either.

3. Stones + Wicker Basket
(Baskets - $1; stones - free or $1)

Nothing about stones are particularly Fall-ish, but the colors can accent the rest of the decor. My in-laws bought us this arrangement for our anniversary last year, but it can be easily duplicated to fit in with the rest of your Fall accents.

4. Pine Cones + Baskets
(Baskets - $1; pine cones - free)

This basket came from the dollar bins at Target (who doesn't love Target?!) and the pine cones were free! Yes, you can buy the bags of pine cones at a craft store, but why? Free trumps any price, any day. Unless you're somewhere without pine trees, I guess... but luckily I'm from The Mitten, so there's no shortage of pine trees.

5. Ornamental Grasses + Vases (small)
(Grass - free; vases - $1)

I used to have a large grass arrangement on my dining room table, but my husband hated how enormous it was and it did make quite a bit of mess when you had to move it every day for dinner. I suggest keep the large, messy arrangements in a place where they're going to remain stationery for the season and make a smaller one for your table. Remember, I said collect lots! The vase was my great-grandma's and compliments the dried grasses well.

6. Pine Cones + Polished Stones + Vases
(Vase - $1; pine cones - free; polished stones - $1)

Like the rocks, the right hue of polished stone can be a great Fall accent. Vase and stones came from the Dollar Store and I decided to stick a nice looking pine cone in there.

7. Painted Acorns + Vases
(Vase - $1; acorns - free; paint - had on hand)

This project was completed last year and I just love it. Took a little bit of time, but I think the outcome is well worth it. I purposely painted them the color of my living room walls to tie them in better and add some more yellow-gold accents to the room. For the full tutorial, click here!

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  1. Now that was some great shopping and great prices. Very creative. This is such an awesome post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us. :-)

    Paula, your newest follower


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