Sunday, September 16, 2012

29 weeks

Not a whole lot to catch up on lately. I'm just here getting rounder and rounder and... yeah. Failed my glucose test a couple weeks ago and had to do the 3 hour retest last Tuesday. How the hell is it legal to prevent a pregnant lady from eating for 16.5 hours?! And what was even more mind boggling was "don't drink anything, but we're going to expect you to pee in a cup 5 times over a 3 hour span." Even my overworked bladder had a hard time performing that miracle. I'll find out Tuesday if I passed or failed glucose phase II. In addition to failing my first glucose test, my OB informed me I was anemic and had to get on iron supplements. Thanks doc, my digestive system thanks you.

Hmmm, what else. Dad came home for the weekend... had a great dinner and game night all 6 of us. Grandpa Z even incorporated baby stuff into his usual garage sale-ing. He's so cute. :)

We had Nut try on one of Lil Arch's new onesies and she was NOT a happy camper. Oops. Mom, Peanut and Dad headed back down to West Virginia today. Mom and Nut will be there for the next 7 weeks coming home right before Thanksgiving... and baby time!

This weekend was productive at home. Got the storage room under control and organized. Figured I'd better get that taken care of before I'm too big to move. Mom had given me a huge box of my toys from my youth, so I did the responsible OCD mom thing and gave 'em the Clorox swim in the sink. Four hours later, I had bleach seeping out all pores, but everything was super clean. I'm not sure who will be more excited to play with the toys... probably me. I remembered about 90% of them... oh memory lane.

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