Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lil Arch's baby showers

This past weekend wrapped up our baby showers for Lil Arch. Two beautiful days shared with family and friends celebrating the anticipated arrival of the long-legged goober! The weather was phenomenal both days and thankfully the rain held off until the very very end of the celebrations.

I had everyone at both showers fill our a Baby Wishes card. I had done something similar with Wedding Wishes and I loved reading everyone's advice and thoughts. So I figured it would be special for our lil one to someday go back and read what people wrote to him/her.

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The Archambault/Rinehart shower was on Sunday, August 19th and was hosted by my mother- and sister-in-laws. Had a ton of family and friends show up and had a great time with lots of super gifts. Everyone was asked to pick their gender guess by either wearing a sheriff's badge or beaded necklace. Surprisingly the votes were super close... 16 votes for a boy and 17 votes for a girl! My sister-in-law Sarah also came up with this awesome print of a giraffe and a naked tree and all family members placed a yellow fingerprint on the tree. What an awesome representation of Lil Arch's family tree!

Baby Arch's family tree

Gender guess... boy or girl?

Lil Arch's aunts and super hostesses

Lil Arch's great-grandmas

Lil Arch's Aunt Z

A beautiful quilt made with so much love by Mama Z

Lil Arch's grandmas

Me and Mama Z

Grandma-Next-Door's awesome animal print quilt!

The Neiser/Zylstra shower was on Sunday, August 26th and was hosted by my Aunt Cindy, Aunt Judy, Aunt Linda and Grandma Neiser. Everything from the food to the cake to the decor was fantastic! More awesome gifts and time spent with family and friends.

Duckies takin' a bubble bath

Ducky cake from Ryke's... nom!

Grandma's gender appropriate carrot cake. Boy and girl side - with and without nuts

Aunt Linda's awesome homemade baby cookies

My sister... lookin' hot while chiseling away at a baby in an ice cube

Grandma and Aunt Z are anxious for Lil Arch to get here!

One of many quilts making their way from Cali... thank you Aunt Bernie!

Fawn and I... and our bumps

My amazing aunts who hosted a fantastic shower!

Female Neiser cousins

A HUGE thank you to Mama Z who has spent her entire summer sewing just about every major item for our nursery. My incredible mother made, from scratch, the crib skirt, bumper pads, four sets of sheets/pillow cases, two changing pad covers, a beautiful quilt, nursery curtain and a handful of bibs. Not to mention all the painting, errand running, gift-buying, etc. she has done to help me out. I heart you Mama Z! 


  1. that thumbprint pic is the cutest thing i have ever seen, can't wait to see the nursery!

  2. Its double happiness as its for two babies to arrive.
    Pooh Baby Shower


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