Friday, July 6, 2012

19 weeks

Independence Day marked the beginning of week 19 for Baby Arch and I. Things are still going very well. Other than the exhaustion early on, I have no complaints about this easy pregnancy. Knock on wood. The only inconvenience has been learning how to deal with this horrible back pain. Yes, my spine is still crashing into my butt... hopefully that subsides in the near future. I'm becoming a pro at the pregnant lady lean.

19 weeks - the size of a mango

Other than my usual Oreo bingeing, I have had wicked Mac 'N Cheese cravings lately. Nom. Hell also froze over last week. I, Andrea, hater of all things girly, traded in my jeans on two separate casual days for skirts. I feel like I'm going against some unwritten casual day law. How shameful. But my belts don't fit and my jeans need a belt or else there's butt crack catastrophe. You're welcome co-workers.

I'm currently belly button ring-less for the first time in 8 years. That lil bump in my shirt that I lovingly referred to as my turkey timer is no more. I feel so lost without it.

The nursery transformation began yesterday! Mama Z has been here the last two days helping me get the room painted white. Well, she painted about 95% of it while I scooted my ass around the room painting trim. Painting has come to halt for the next couple weeks as we're waiting for the paint to cure before we tape and paint the stripes. Our crib, two dressers and glider have all already been ordered, so they'll be here soon. After painting is complete, we'll get our new carpet installed and then nesting can officially begin. :)  Right now our spare room just has a giant heap of baby stuff taking over. This OCD mama cannot wait to start getting everything organized in the nursery.

Miss Zora can't wait for the baby either!

Mama Z, the best mama ever! And Peanut, our lazy quality supervisor.

Other than that, not much else going on. Our big 20 week ultrasound is one week from today so stay tuned for pics of Lil Arch! Don't hold your breath for a gender reveal as we're not planning on finding out. I'm especially excited since this will be the husband's first baby appointment and I haven't had an ultrasound since my 8th week. Yay!
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