Thursday, June 14, 2012

16 weeks + Cali trip

Hello folks, I'm finally home from my 3 day trip to California for a work-related video shoot. (Rough job, I know.) Had a good time, but am glad to be back home with husband, pup and my own bed. I learned too that time zones + jet lag + pregnancy is a horrible combination. Landed in Irvine Tuesday afternoon and went right to work, put in a full day on Wednesday and traveled for about 13 hours today. I'm a little surprised I'm not already dead in bed.

View of Irvine from my hotel room.

Huntington Beach at sunset.

Huntington Beach Pier

My bird. I heart you. 

Apparently I had to have the In-N-Out experience to make my trip complete.

This little guy flung bark like Zora. Maybe they're related... ?

Needed daily dairy intake for the baby's sake. Unfortunately I had to share with 3 other people. 

In other news, Lil Arch is 16 weeks now and the size of an avocado. I've discovered in the last week that BeBands are a lifesaver. My belts no longer fit even though my pants do. (Mind boggling.) I've been using the bands as a "butt crack cover upper." Climbing in and out of vehicles and twisting in weird positions for 2 days during the video shoot surely would've resulted in butt crack catastrophe. Phew, thanks BeBands!

16 weeks

Other than my belly growing, I still pee, eat and sleep in 2 hours intervals like a toddler. No judging. Did any other moms out there experience this "my spine is crashing into my butt" pain during early pregnancy? I seriously feel like my back is crashing into my tailbone every so often and it lasts a few days. I'm pretty sure it's pregnancy related because apparently all unusual and embarrassing side effects can be traced back to pregnancy. But still, it hurts.

My bestie Moose sent me an awesome care package this week! She sent me some diapers, baby books, Oreos, Margarita water mixers (whoop!) and some adorable onesies! Clay opened it while I was gone, ate some of the Oreos (even though the note said "because mommy needs love too") and then repackaged everything the way it came. Yes, my husband stole Oreos from a pregnant woman. Isn't there a law against that? But anyways, thank you Moose for the great gifts!

Um, I believe some of MY Oreos are missing... Clayton.


  1. Did you like Irivne? That's where we lived for three years (there and a few towns in and around... we moved a lot in those three years lol).

    1. I did from what I got to see of it. Other than the trip to Dukes at the Pier, we didn't have much time to take in the view. :( However, I would NEVER want to drive in California traffic! Dear Lord... lol


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