Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15 weeks

Happy 15 weeks to the wee orange! Lil Arch is 2-3 ounces this week and roughly 4.5 inches long (the size of a navel orange). Well, normal babies at this point are 4.5 inches long... mine is probably 8 or 9 inches by now. I'm pretty convinced I'm going to have like a 4 foot long baby.

15 weeks

Sadly, I had to use the whole rubber band trick on my dress pants yesterday. I'm unfortunately at that weird "is she pregnant or just getting fat" stage. Booooo! C'mon bump, let's go! Today I opted for the much more comfortable skirt... but it had a zipper up the side instead of an elastic waistband. So my skirt sat right below my boobs like I'm 70 years old. Rockin'...

I also believe that the majority of my baby weight is Oreos. That bulge may not even be from a baby... 4.5 inches of baby + 15 bags of Oreos. #IHaveNoSelfControl.

Anyways, had to push out my 16 week appointment by almost a week. Bummer. However, it's because I'm going to California for a few days for a work-related video shoot. Man, I hate having an awesome job. ;)

Take care everyone! Most to post in the upcoming week(s) as we finally get started on the nursery!!
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