Friday, May 25, 2012

Wrappin' up the 1st trimester

Many moons ago, I told Clay that it was going to be forever before the baby gets here. Uhhhh, I'm already a 1/3 of the way there?! Where did that time go? Well, I guess the first 10 weeks or so were spent in a highly comatose state, so maybe that's why I don't remember anything.

Spent Wednesday night confirming that I'd rather plan my wedding 100 times over prepping for a baby. Not that it's any more fun, but choosing the wrong shade of tulle wasn't going to result in a health or safety issue for anyone. Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby should have warnings on the door that state "it is certain that you will instantly become very overwhelmed and your brain will explode." Most of my big ticket items were fairy easy to wrap my head around. Not that I've narrowed anything down besides the nursery furniture, but I generally understood the concept. Until I got to car seats...

I originally planned on going the humongous harnessed car seat option for both vehicles. They adapt to the baby's ever changing height and weight and then become forward facing when the time is right... makes sense. But then what does one do without the carrier?! I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to grow a second set of arms in the next 6 months, so I feel like a carrier is borderline necessary. (Moms, am I right?) So then I turned to the carrier with car seat base option. Still makes sense... but then when they grow out of the carrier, do you still have to go the giant harnessed seat anyway?

Apparently another pregnancy symptom is just feeling dumb.  

Anyways, pants don't reeeeeally fit anymore. Awesome. Already had a dress completely reject me, so why not all my dress pants too. On Wednesday, I still felt like I had just eaten a really big meal and needed to find some sweatpants asap. The very next day, I think my belly shot out of nowhere. It was crazy how different I looked and felt in just a day. Can't wait to actually feel the baby move so I don't just feel like a fatty pants.

Gotta squeeze in a bathing suit tomorrow... this is gonna suck. The says lots of couples take "babymoons" in the second trimester to get away and women feel super sexy sporting their lil baby bump in a bikini. Uhhhh... kudos to those moms. I think I shall remain content in my sweatpants well into the summer months.
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