Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm please to finally announce that my husband and I are expecting our first child! Lil Arch is due November 28th and we cannot be more excited to become parents!

We discovered I was pregnant back in the end of March. I actually knew way before we took any test... roughly around week 3. You just don't go from sleeping through the night to waking up 4-5 times a night to pee for no reason. Ya know? Clay's parents took us out for dinner to celebrate his birthday on April 3 and that's when we announced that their fifth grandchild was on the way.

My parents luckily came home from West Virginia for Easter weekend. I told them to hold out their hands and I placed a frozen pea in each of their palms. My mom, who thought I was trying to get her to eat edamame, popped it in her mouth and said, "this is a pea!?" Yes mom, but that's also the size of your grandchild. God Bless mother Z.  :)  We informed siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on Easter Sunday.

8 week ultrasound

We had our 12 week appointment this morning and finally got to hear the heartbeat. Clay and I made the decision to wait until after this appointment to make the big announcement. We wanted to make sure everything was ok throughout the first trimester.

We also are doing things a little out of the norm (or so it seems). We are not going to find out the gender of the baby ahead of time nor are we planning on sharing the names we selected with anyone before the baby is born. (Yes, we have names picked out already). Unless the baby decides to take up permanent residency, we are not scheduling an induction date either. Yes people, this is going to be a full out surprise! I just feel like everyone nowadays is like, "We're having baby X on this date at this time." I feel like with everything in life that you have the ability to control in manipulate, why not let this miracle completely take you by surprise? But that's just me...

Anyways, so yeah... we're ecstatic to start this new chapter in our lives and can't wait to begin working on the nursery and registry. Updates on that will hopefully start happening on within the next few weeks... stay tuned for nursery and further pregnancy updates!


  1. Congrats Andrea!!! I've been wondering since I follow you on pinterest and have seen that you have been pinning a number of baby things ;) so happy for you guys!!! :)

  2. Congrats Andrea & Clay! Dawson and I are so happy for you both! Keep in touch.


    1. Thanks Ashely! So great to hear from you! How are you and Dawson doing? Hope life is treating you both well!!


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