Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm not dead.

Hellooooo everyone, yes, I'm still alive. Between a sheer lack of time and ambition, I really haven't had any new DIY projects lately. What's new in the Archambault household? Not much. This weekend I drove to Bay City to see my bestie Sarah and attend her future sister-in-law's bachelorette party. Apparently life was going too good and I was overdue for a shitty life moment. You all remember my last trip to Bay City?

Well shit, you'll never guess what happened on the way there this time. I took an exit to get more gas and as I was changing lanes, I lady darted out of parking lot into the lane I was heading into. Made a mess of the side of her nice shiny red Caddy, but put some dents and paint on the front driver side corner of my car. Boooooooooo! I can't win. I'm going to hire a chauffeur to drive me to Bay City next time. 

Anyways, this weekend was great. Finally got to meet Miss Emmalyn... who is an absolute doll by the way. If I hadn't been so nervous about driving back home, I probably would have kidnapped her. Went to the bachelorette party last night and it was confirmed that we're old ladies and need to go to bed early. Got up super early for church this morning, napped and had a delicious lunch with the entire Miller family. Great times, I always love spending time with my other family. 

Other than that....... house projects include another round of grass seed, hopefully some landscaping this year, getting ready for a huge multi-familiy garage sale (mark your calendars! June 2nd 9-4 Holland), etc. I'm hoping to get going on a few new craft projects in the near future, but with the next two weeks full of weddings, vet appointments, doctors appointments and work functions... I'll touch base in a little bit. Stay tuned! 

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