Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fruits + Veggies Pregnancy Reveal

Do you remember those paper link chains that you used to make way back in kindergarden to count down days until school was out or days until your birthday? Well, those are still a running gag in my family. My sister and I both had one to count down the days until college graduation and my dad has one until retirement. So when it came time to announce to my parents that we were expecting, it seemed only fitting to do it with a chain.

There was a link for each week that contained the following information: how far along the baby is (in weeks), the dates of that week, how big the baby is (compared to fruits and veggies) and a picture of the appropriate food. If you're tracking your pregnancy on, it'll tell you each week how big your baby is in reference to a food.

After giving my parents a sweet pea (week 6) and telling them that was the size of their grandchild, we presented them with the chain. Now we celebrate mini birthdays every Wednesday. Next week, Peach will be 13 weeks. :) Since we're not finding out the gender and don't have any creative nicknames, we just refer to the bump as whatever food it is that week.

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