Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: The Ultimate Stain Remover

This amazing personal victory needs a little prelude so that you can all understand my absolute happiness at this current moment.

My husband use to drive this POS semi-functional Sonoma. However, it eventually started to run on gallons-per-mile right around the time he needed to make a long commute to work. So we went out and purchased a Malibu for him to drive around instead of the death trap of a truck. Using this vehicle for both work and play, this poor poor car had deer carcasses shoved in the trunk, fish gut incrusted tackle thrown in the backseat, his greasy work shoes imprinted on the driver seat, sticky mountain dew remnants on the floor and center console, little debbie bits ground into the upholstery... etc. etc. (I know, most of you moms out there had to look back in my post and make sure I wasn't talking about a messy toddler.)

Anyways, back in October, my CLEAN, stain-free, beloved car was totaled in an accident. At this point, I knew it was inevitable that we needed a truck again. With our active lifestyle, home remodeling, etc... we needed a vehicle that could haul more than dead animals. So.... standing alongside the highway watching them tow away my car, my husband asked if he could get a truck. Yes, I said that right... I was in an accident and within the hour, my husband was asking for a truck. Go ahead... process. I'll wait.

Being the super awesome incredibly generous wife I am, I let him buy a brand new Ford 150 while I was given the keys to this pig sty of a vehicle. In retrospect, I'm stupid. Since then, I have scrubbed the seats with every stain remover imaginable on 5 or 6 different occasions. With toothbrush and heavy duty carpet scrubber in hand, NOTHING has worked. Mind you, most of these stains have been there almost 4 years. 

Thank you Pinterest/One Good Thing for recommending a concoction of one part Dawn dish soap mixed with two parts hydrogen peroxide and some baking soda! Again with toothbrush and carpet scrubber, I attacked every square inch of car upholstery and it is COMPLETELY stain free! No joke.

When I went to check on it after everything had dried, I heard the angels singing inside my garage. No longer do I have to fear the thought of driving someone around in my car. I can chauffeur with pride! Small warning though, test this out on a small, inconspicuous spot to make sure the peroxide does not bleach whatever fabric you're using it on.

Go forth readers and conquer stubborn stains! You too will feel unbelievable victorious! 


  1. This is awesome. With running a daycare I definitely needed to see this!!! We would love to have you link up with us!

  2. Thanks for linking up at SweetTalkin' Sunday! I love this info. I have some stains in my Jeep I was wondering how I was going to remove. Also, I just have to share this link! It is the soap scum killa from Life, Crafts and Whatever! I promise it works!!

  3. 1) You are clearly a saint. I hope that hubby of yours knows how lucky he is. ;)

    2) Thanks for sharing this tip. I will definitely be giving this a try!

  4. I really need to try this on my carpet! I hope it works for that too :)

  5. I've been using this for weeks and I am in love!


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