Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Swiffer Pads

If you own a fleece shirt or jacket AND own a pet, you know that these fierce enemies never play nice. Fleece sweatshirts, blankets and shirts are no match for my fur ball of a dog even after washing and drying. With this frustration in mind, I thought, why not use it to my advantage? A cloth that attracts any dog hair within a 10 foot radius? Sounds like a Swiffer solution to me.

I purchased an old fleece blanket from a thrift store (that supports a local animal shelter, naturally) for around $2. From one blanket, I could get eight approximately 10"x10" squares. I was going to hem up the edges, but who cares!? Not my dirty floor.

I actually think these work better than the actual Swiffer pads. They glide along my floor a lot nicer and pick up the smaller sand particles better. When I'm all done, the large clump of dust and dog hair peels right off to be thrown away. The rest goes into the washing machine and comes out perfectly clean.

Go ahead, try it.

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