Friday, February 17, 2012

A new kind of baby book

There are sentimental things at this point in my life that I wish I would have documented from the beginning. Things like a scrapbook of every vacation, collecting sand from all the exotic beaches I've visited, take significant photos on the same day every year... things like that. However, when I think about just starting up now, my OCD starts to tremble and quietly whispers, "yeah that's great, but your collection will never be complete because you didn't think of these things in the beginning." Stupid reason, but that's seriously what goes through my brain.

In the spirit of documenting exciting life occurrences, I figure if I can't start over on my life, I'm going to document a few things about my future child's life. Sure, I have a baby book as do most people, but I've been especially inspired with the awesome ways people are starting to record their pregnancy, child's first year, etc. Check out these awesome keepsakes that I'm sure will be a great thing to look back on someday:

I made cards similar to these for my wedding. It's so great to look back on them now and read everyone's marriage advice and what they thought about our special day. What a great idea for a baby shower! 

Baby Space

Hanna Mac

Simply Bloom Photography + unknown

I love the idea (in book or picture form) of keeping track of things during your pregnancy. Things like what food you were craving the most, how big your baby was, when you announced it to everyone, etc. And chalkboard art is always way cool.
Interviewing your child with the same questions on their birthday every year could become an awesome little book to give them someday. Ask them things like what their favorite food, show, toy is and who's their best friend, etc.
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