Sunday, February 12, 2012

Available for Adoption: Siberian Huskies

Tonight's featured breed, my other first love... Siberian Huskies. My family rescued Miss Zayla after she was found roaming our neighborhood. We contact the owner via microchip and they came to pick her up and took her directly to the pound. Why? No clue. We visited her at the pound every day until the week long waiting period was over. She's been a permanent fixture in my parent's house ever since.

AVALANCHE: Male Siberian Husky

KATIYANA: Female Siberian Husky

SARGE: Male Siberian Husky

SELENA: Female Siberian Husky

SPARK: Male Siberian Husky

SPARKY (SNOWBIE): Male Siberian Husky

All of these dog are available for adoption. Click on the photo for more information.
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