Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MDs, DOs, OB/GYNs, NPs, PAs and DVMs

I'm come to the conclusion this week that I'm going to start referring to myself as Andrea Archambault, G.D. "What does G.D. stand for?" you might ask. Graphic designer. No, I don't have some Master's degree or anything that would make me acronym worthy, but I feel like if I have to Google every other profession's initials, hey, why not.

I've been in the process of looking for a new doctor over the last couple weeks. I really like my current doctor (the front office being a different story), but Muskegon is too far of a drive... especially when they have such screwy office hours. My goal is to find a doctor that understands pituitary adenomas, understands the effects of my tumor medication on my SOMEDAY pregnancy (not any time soon mom and dad), deliver my children and serve as their doctor too. Yes, I know, a rather long list of requirements for so very distant needs... but I only want ONE doctor to deal with. I'm so tired of having multiple doctors try to diagnose my condition, having their own medication suggestions, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, Holland has very few to no female MDs in my Priority Health plan that do deliveries, have pituitary adenoma experience/knowhow and that are accepting new patients. Soooo frustrating!

In other medical news, Miss Zora had to go to the vet tonight. [Insert BIG sad face here.] Last Sunday, she cut up her foot pretty bad. How? No clue. Somewhere outside. It took almost 6 hours for me to get the bleeding under control. Part of her pad was ripped off and the entire side of one of her nails is exposed. It's a meaty mess. A week later, it just keeps getting ripped open when she walks and I can't stop her from licking it. The vet made me feel like a bad mom tonight. She started to wig out a bit on how it's so infected that if the antibiotics don't help, she'll have to get her toe amputated. I feel like the worse person ever. I've been cleaning it daily, TRYING to keep gauze and Neosporin on it, but apparently it wasn't enough.

The vet gave me two options to keep the licking under control: (A) cone, or (B) dog boots. So I went and bought both. The cone made me feel even worse. She was completely paralyzed with it around her neck. Just stood there and shook. Plus I am scared she'll hurt herself with it on when she's in the crate all day tomorrow. So we tried the dog boot. I was skeptical since I couldn't keep a sock or bandage on it at all last week. Surprisingly, she hasn't tried to take it off yet. However, she's mentally exhausted right now from the vet and cone, so who knows.

So yeah, it's been medical madness the last few weeks. Times like these make me miss being a kid. This adult crap sucks. :/
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