Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Map art

Since Clay and I have lived in all the same cities, I decided to recreate this Pinterest find. The one I found had the headings "met, married & lived" but I changed it up a bit. Clay and I both grew up in Muskegon and that's where we met and spent most of our time dating. After high school, I moved to Big Rapids in order to attend Ferris where Clay joined me a few years later. We got married back in Muskegon, so I thought it was redundant to include it twice. We currently live and work in the Holland/Zeeland area.

We lived (Muskegon) | We learned (Big Rapids) | We love (Holland)


  1. This is great! I like it a lot better than the Pinterest ones - circles look more sophisticated than hearts, IMO. Great job!

  2. Great way to change it up! I made one of the "met, married, lived" versions, but I had three seperate cities to include.


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