Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY: Photo canvas

I love the way photos look on canvas... but I dislike how ridiculously expensive they are. Fear not those who agree with me, there is an easy solution that looks great! For Christmas, I created an 8x10 for both my mom and sister of their respective dogs and the quote "All you need is love... and a dog." Let's just say for a first time attempt, I was beyond thrilled with how they came out.

Blank canvas (I found Hobby Lobby had the best prices)
Mod Podge
Large paint brush
Tracing paper
Acrylic paint (optional)

Print an image out on tracing paper (use a laser jet printer). Be sure the measure the front AND sides of the canvas as well as include some bleed for the back. Cut out your image.

Using your paintbrush, coat the front and sides of the canvas with Mod Podge. Press your image into the center of the canvas first, then carefully smooth out the image from the center out. I used both my fingers and the back of a spoon. Make sure every inch is adhered to the canvas! A little planning ahead is necessary to know where your center is... be careful so you don't skew the image and not have enough for the sides.

One the image is securely wrapped around the canvas, allow to dry for a little bit (15 minutes or so). Then apply another coat of Mod Podge over the front, sides and back edges. Yes, it'll make your image look milky... DON'T PANIC! Mod Podge will dry clear.

On the sides of one of them, I dry brushed on some black acrylic paint to give it a worn/antique-ish look. Totally optional though.
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