Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Card keepsake book

Being a closet hoarder and overly sentimental, I use to have a rubbermaid FULL of cards/notes/letters from an abundance of people. Shortly after I got married, I decided to have a "clean out my life" day and starting throwing a lot out. However, I do have quite a few cards and notes that I still like to hang on to... including every card my husband has gotten for me over the last decade.

This was a quick and easy project that made my card collection more obtainable and easier to look back on. For most of them, I cut the card down the middle and glued the front cover and the inside message part back to back. Why? No real reason, but I felt it made the book more compact and less pages. I opted to have all the cards flush to the bottom left. If you chose to do this, make sure you find the smallest card first and then mark where you want the holes to be punched. Some binder rings, a whole punch and a few minutes later, I had a nice little keepsake. Be sure to include an envelope in the mix to include any small notes, etc.

Card keepsake book

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  1. This is a cute idea and your tips were very helpful!



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