Monday, December 19, 2011

Celebrity dinner party

Happy holidays! You have the chance to host a hypothetical dinner party for you and 10 celebrities (alive or deceased). Who would you choose and why? Here's my list:

  1. Paul Walker - because he's nice to look at, duh
  2. Gerard Butler - also nice to look at
  3. Daniel Tosh - no dinner party is complete without a comedian! 
  4. Josh Hartnett - alright, so I like nice things to look at while I'm hosting parties, no big deal
  5. Paul Wesley - hypothetically, my husband is off hunting, so he's my date
  6. Paula Deen - well SOMEONE has to cook! ... with lots of butter
  7. Cesar Millan + dogs - in less time than it takes to clean up, he can break Zora of all her bad habits
  8. Michael Henry + Justin Robinett - my favorite cover artists can serenade my guests after dinner (they're a package deal... who can share a plate for all I care)
  9. Emma Stone - funny girl always ready with some witty comments
  10. Katherine Heigl - always liked her as an actress, but love her now after discovering her involvement with animal rescue
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