Monday, December 12, 2011

30 before 30

I see that it is fitting to post my "30 before 30" list since it was my 26th birthday yesterday. My sister and I celebrated our birthdays with an evening in downtown GR at Mojo's and a family dinner at home. Yes, my sister and I share the same birthday... 3 years apart. As my dad tells everyone, he only gets it once a year. Funny, but they are my parents, so eww. Anyways, I've seen some friends post their lists, so I figured I'll jump on the bandwagon. I don't currently have any sort of list compiled, so let's see how I do coming up with 30 different things at one shot. Welp, here I go:

Babies  :)
Take a road trip around the country
Get a tattoo
Learn how to seamlessly use a digital SLR/become a better photographer
Get back down to my wedding weight (and hopefully maintain)
Learn how to cook/bake as well as my mom and grandma
Go on a weekend getaway with my love to somewhere we've never been
Learn how to do my own hair
Do something that makes a huge impact on the fight against animal cruelty
Go skydiving with Moose
Build a piece of furniture (with Dad's help)
Learn HTML
Build my own website
Plant a garden (and keep it alive!)
Join a new church
Learn a different language
Learn how to fillet a fish
Pay off all debts (except for maybe our mortgage)
Purchase a piano and hopefully remember how to play
Begin writing a book for my children someday
Learn to sew
Train my dog to walk without a leash
Learn how to play the guitar
Do a 365 photo project
Advance in my career (freelance or other)
Have something published
Host a holiday party and prepare all the food
Go on an extreme outdoor adventure
Buy, refurbish and sell a piece of furniture
Witness a miracle
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