Monday, November 7, 2011

A + Z Time

While Clayton is in Missouri this week for hunting, it's been a lot of Andrea and Zora time since I got back from West Virginia. I've also decided that Clay's side of the bed shouldn't go unused while he's away, so Zora's keeping it nice and warm. We'll see if he gets it back.

Zora was also a bad ass trick-or-treating assistant. She waited by the window and then would come woof at me when kids were coming to the door. Worked out pretty well since I was trying to multi-task and clean house while handing out candy. I put the baby gate in the front door so Zora could see the kids, but wouldn't get outside.

Andrea and Zora weekend was pretty uneventful. I spent two days cleaning out the Malibu. That poor car... Clay trashed it. Anyone have a super-duty upholstery cleaner to recommend? I've tried Resolve, a felsnaptha bar, Awesome, Shout... even with my big carpet scrubber, those seats are stained with grease, oil, dirt, deer blood, Mountain Dew, Little Debbies.... (I married a 27 year old child). Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

We also had a play date with Mojo and Grace at Kristen's house. Zora apparently forgot how to play. :/ I also fixed the fuzzy computer feet marks in my kitchen table. Well, hopefully. Had to do a few coats, but hopefully it'll all even out. Um, other than that, hope to do a few craft projects this week before Clay AND my parents come home.  :)

Have a great week everyone!  

We traded bandanas, so we were each other for Halloween.

Sleepy baby.

Zora's mini prison while I worked out in the garage.

She likes Jello... and cool whip.

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