Monday, October 24, 2011

WV: The land of bad manners and few teeth

Since Mr. Clayton decided to take all of his vacation time to hunt this year, I decided to use up one of my weeks to visit the folks in West Virginia. Flew down here after work on Friday and will drive home with my aunt next Sunday. Saturday was a typical Zylstra family vacation with a lot packed into one day... pretty sure we're still recovering. Drove to Fayetteville to visit the New River Gorge... the scenic overlook, the top, middle and bottom of the gorge, a waterfall and hiked out to a large rock overlook. It was an excellent day spent with family.

New River Gorge - Grandview overlook

Fayetteville bridge over New River Gorge

I may or may not have been on an excessive eating binge while I'm down here... but dear Lord, puppy chow is irresistible. I just at the powdered sugar remains from a tupperware of puppy chow... with a spoon... like a crack addict. No judging, please.

...aaaaaaaaaaand, Miss Naomi is my little love bug this week. She lives in the same apartment complex as the parents; adorable. Plus, she just stopped by with her Nala Halloween costume... omg. Hang in there ovaries... soon.

Naomi and I
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