Saturday, October 29, 2011

I swear, the course ate our balls.

I went golfing with my dad for the first time ever today! Well, kinda. Let me back up. Many many moons ago, Clay took me golfing as a surprise. Let's just say it ended badly. As an athlete, you'd think I'd have semi-decent hand-eye coordination. Um, no. Could not connect with the ball to save my life... even with a driver. My best shot was with an iron or something that banked off of a tree onto the green. It was rather amusing to the group of old guys who opted to stand by and watch this disaster.

Today was a different story. (Yes, I warned my dad ahead of time that I was horrible.) He took me to my first driving range for a test run. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would and really had a lot of fun. I may or may not have swung the club similar to a baseball swing, but hey, whatever. And yes, sometimes I whiffed it hard enough to make it fall off the tee and roll 3 feet away. No judgement.

After feeling a bit more confident, Dad and I headed to a more deserted golf course to save me from any embarrassment. My driving range victory was pretty short lived. I lost a ball in a tree on the first hole. Yes, IN the tree... just decided never to come down. Then on the same hole, hit another one into a huge overgrown area that dad refused to fish through due to snakes. We started out with 10 balls and came back with 4... and that includes the additional 4 we found. Fail. But I swear, the course ate our balls. We would hit one straight down the fairway, and by the time we drove up to it, the ball was gone. The long grass and shit ton of leaves didn't help. The highlight of the day was the house dad nailed 200 yards away.

Also went and saw where dad works down here in WV. Saw some really cool pictures of the flood they had back in the... 30s? There's even a sign with a line indicating the water height that's on the second floor of the building. The flood walls around the entire campus... well, town actually... make it look like a maximum security prison. My favorite part of his work was the metal row boat tied up in the rafters of the parking area. It's there to get people over the river if it ever floods and they're stuck at work. Yeah, no joke.

Emergency boat.

Welp, better get off to bed. Aunt Cindy and I have a 10.5 hour drive tomorrow and we're hoping to hit the road by 7:30 AM. Eww.
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