Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hunting Season... Day One

Ah, hello hunting season... we meet again. You dirty homewrecker. As day one of being a widow draws to an end, I reflect on how awesome I am. Spent my day going to the dog park... twice, cleaning the house, shampooing carpets, eating 1/2 a bag of Oreos, watching an entire season of 24 and painting acorns (don't ask). Yes, that's how cool people like me spend their Saturday nights. At least Zora doesn't desert me.

Speaking of the dog park, I'm digging this little social experiment more and more every time I go. It's doing wonders for socializing the pup and I just love how she plays so hard for 45 minutes or so, then passes out at home. She gets to play, I get stuff done without having to baby sit her... win win. Yes, I still have to supervise her every movement. It's like taking care of a toddler. I follow her from room to room every minute of the day. I still fear for my furniture and as of last night, Zayla and Zora decided to have a territorial pissing contest in just about every room of my house. Awesome. 

Let's see, what else. Freelance work has been keeping me pretty busy. Swamped, really. Can't complain though... gives me something to do while the husband is prancing through the forest. Um, going to West Virginia at the end of the month to spend 10 days with mom, dad, Aunt Cin and Miss Peanut. Definitely looking forward to that. I talk to my mom or dad every day while their down there and it'll be nice to finally meet the neighbors and dogs they reference. Excited to meet all 3 of Peanut's boyfriends... she's such a floozy. ;)

Well people, gotta get to bed. Church in the morning, THEN.... decorating the house! The only thing I like about fall/winter is being able to decorate for the different holidays. Good stuff. :)  'Night everyone. 
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