Saturday, October 8, 2011

APB Newsletter launch!

Attention boys and girls... the Animal Placement Bureau newsletter has finally been launched! After about a month and a half of building the template, collecting subscriber lists, finding stories, getting the right permissions and all the other little details... the newsletter was finally launched yesterday afternoon. I know Friday afternoons aren't the most ideal time to send out mass mailings, but I really wanted to get it out in the beginning of the month and was too excited to wait until Monday.

So far there's been a pretty decent response despite that 69% of the mailing list has yet to open it. I was granted access to both the APB Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to link the newsletter to both sites. I find myself checking the status reports quite often to see how many more opens, clicks, re-tweets and likes we're getting on this. 

Feel free to check out the newsletter HERE and subscribe if you'd like to receive these every month! 

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