Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do I cry, throw up or kill someone?

You know those days when you don't know which end is up and could quite possibly die from the amount of stress you're under? That's been my life for pretty much a solid week. My many apologies for my lack of posts, but I'll do my best to get you back in the loop.

Table is finally done! Well, kinda. I put it all together last Saturday and it looks absolutely beautiful in my kitchen. THEN we learned that even our protective mat was no match for Clay's hot laptop. We now have spots where the feet of his computer melted the paint and made all the little white fuzzies from the mat stick in them. So eventually I need to wet sand those few spots and touch it up. No biggie, I hope.

Our beautiful, refurbished dining room set.

Peanut gave us such a scare this past week.... a "prepare yourself for the worse" kind of scare. She was drinking a ton of water and having quite a few accidents, so mom had to submit a urine and blood sample. I guess her blood was so fatty that she had to continue fasting, but also start taking meds for this UTI. Well, this 18 hour fast she went on put her into diabetic shock. Peanut, diabetic? Yeah, we didn't know either. Nothing ever indicated she was diabetic, but the fast was enough to push her overboard. Mom and dad brought her to the doggy ER last Tuesday or Wednesday night... very lethargic and ill. The vet said she probably wouldn't have made it through the night had they not brought her in. Peanut was not only diagnosed with Type I Diabetes but with severe Pancreatitis as well. Poor Nut had to stay in the ER until late Sunday night... had to have several IVs, a couple plasma transfusions and was poked up to 30 times a day.

I don't think I've ever been so worried about an animal before. During the day, I was able to keep busy and focus on other things, but especially Thursday night, just laid there in bed crying. I'm so thankful for all the prayers and God's will that Peanut is still with us today. She just had her eye surgery and was like a new dog with a new lease on life. It definitely wasn't her time to go.

Poor Peanut and her IV.

....and then there's devil dog. Yes, my evil evil dog Zora. Saturday morning while I was visiting Peanut, Clay decided to leave Zora out of the crate while he ran an errand. (No comment here). Miss Zora decided to chew the corner off of the arm of my living room chair. When Clay showed me what she did, I didn't know whether to cry, throw up or kill someone. I seriously don't think I've ever been presented with a moment that I absolutely did not know how to feel. THEN, on Sunday, I was in the bathroom 60 seconds top and came out to find Zora chewing the corner of the ottoman! I'm not such which part of my threat to "use her hide to fix my chair" she didn't understand the first time?! So now I have two pieces of furniture that ArtVan has informed me are discontinued pieces AND possibly discontinued colors. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Clay and I took Friday off to play in the mud... 100 yards of it to be exact. Along with my mom and dad, we worked as fast as we could while the dump trucks brought us over some um, "fresh" top soil from one of the Gentex build sites. When I say fresh, I mean cow poop and all. Smells a bit like Coopersville over here. From 8 to 6:00, we worked our asses off and got all the dirt spread as level as we could. Unfortunately, between the dump trucks and the track edger, our poor front and side yard now has to be redone. We broke several sprinkler heads and cut some lines, but spent tonight working on those. Luckily, Clay's co-worker Jeff has been a lifesaver by letting us borrow his quad and thingamajig and level out the dirt.

Only a partial of the first two loads.
Zora doesn't appreciate her yard being reduced to a 10' x 40' area (roughly) and has made it very clear by jumping the gate and hauling ass through the cow poop jungle several times. Tonight I'm pretty sure I threatened to sell her to the gypsies after she broke loose because the backyard was flooded from the sprinkler work. One leap over the snow fence and then she barrel rolled through the mud/cow poop/water mixtures. Ooooh dog. You're so so SO lucky I love you.

Phew. I think that's about it. This week/weekend's plans are hopefully to fix all the sprinklers, level out the dirt and hydro-seed by Saturday. It'll be close, but this month is basically it. That hunting season whore has been creeping around and I know hunting will trump yard work any day. Well, I'm off to bed.... this has been the most emotionally, physically and financially draining week of my life. I'm pretty sure I could slip into a coma right now... (if I don't show up to work tomorrow, just assume I'm still alive.) G'night all! XOXO
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