Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All you need is love... and dogs.

Excuse me loyal readers for being a downer... but I am currently trapped in this unexplainable funk right now. Other than there being quite a bit on my plate right now, there's really nothing "bad" happening. How frustrating. I know you men might not get it (my husband being one of them), but sometimes we really just don't know what's wrong. Blah! Snap out of it Andrea!!

I received a video this morning from a co-worker that started the "time to snap out of it snowball." Of course it was about doggies... my favorite topic ever. It reminded me so much of Peanut and her mannerisms. Take a look... it'll bring you joy too.

In other dog news, Miss Zora's double secret living room probation is slowly being lifted. She has graduated up to supervised visits only. The survival of the rest of my furniture depends on it. I've come to the conclusion that she's slightly pissed about her shrinking backyard and this is her idea of rebellion.  Until we have grass and she's free to roam once again, I'll be keeping an eye on her.

My sleepy family. xoxo

So, I'm sort of a hoarder when it comes to that sentimental stuff. I have a box full of notes and cards from various people in my life and I've been slowly working my way through everything. Throwing crap away from old boyfriends, friends who no longer matter... stuff like that. The other day, I came across this sticky note that my dad wrote me. During the rough college volleyball days, my family sent me quite a few care packages as a pick-me-up. In one of them, there was this stuffed purple dog and the following sticky note:

How cute is my dad?  :)
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