Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleepy baby.

Again, no fun Five Question Friday topics this week. Bleh. So I'll talk about my favorite topic, Miss Zora! She's definitely a growing puppy... sleeps constantly. After I get home from work, she'll entertain herself for a little while, then come in and pass out. Tonight we all had TV time again. I love spoon time with her on the couch, she's such a cuddler.

She kinda sucks at watching movies, but great at keeping my feet warm.

Great news! We've been accident free in the Archambault household for 9 days now! She's doing so well on learning new things. I, however, have not done well learning how to cut nails. I hate that job. :( I got the front paws done the other day while Clay restrained her, but I was so nervous, that was about all I could handle.

Zora did super well during her bath last weekend too. Just sat in the back of the tub and let me wash, rinse and dry her, no problem. I heart her so much. I'm so happy she's part of our family. xoxo

Z loves her new bed from my mom. Has her name on it and everything.

Such a daddy's girl... loves to cuddle.
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