Monday, July 25, 2011

Make Your ♥ Melt Monday

Before I present you with this week's furry kids in need of a home, I want to share a link to a site I came across while Stumbling a few nights ago. This page showed the before and after photos of animals that have been neglected and abused. This made me both extremely sad and angry at two different kinds of people. I was not only angry at the kinds of people who treat animals this inhumanely (obviously), but I was also angry with people who breed dogs and cats. Sorry if I offend you, but after spending so much time in an animal shelter, I have a very low tolerance towards people who opt to breed. There are way way way too many animals wandering the streets and left to rot in animal shelters... stop creating more animals!!!

Ok, enough angry ranting. Here are the furry kids.  :)

Annie is a female Rat Terrier.

Bonzi is a male Chihuahua Pug mix.

Cappy is a male Pit Bull Terrier.

Mason is a male Border Collie Husky.

Piglet is a male Pomeranian.

Taz is a male Chow Chow mix.
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