Friday, July 15, 2011

Island getaway

It's Friday! (I think... ?) This week has been the fastest slow week ever! Rewind to Monday... this week was the International Sales Conference at work. Product Marketing has been bustin' butt for the last several weeks/months getting ready. We should be able to just "sit back and relax" during the conference, but alas, there are always those people who wait until the 11th hour and/or needed things to be done yesterday. So Monday and most of Tuesday were a huge scramble getting things done for the conference WHILE it was going on.

Tuesday was dinner at Salt & Pepper with a big group of co-workers. I actually have a great time going to this dinner every sales conference. I work with some really great people and it's always a ton of laughs and great food. I may have taken a trip or two or four to the desserts table. Oops.

I've also been trying to get Clay's anniversary gift taken care of this week. Everything that could've gone wrong with it did, but it's finally ready to go today. (Nothin' like last minute). As soon as I get out of work today, Clay and I are going to drop Zora off at my mom's and head up to Mackinac Island. This Sunday is our first wedding anniversary. For some reason, it sort of makes me laugh. In this upcoming February, Clay and I will have been together for an entire decade. To say we're only on our first anniversary is just a little funny considering the fast pace at which most people seem to be moving at these days. I noticed a Facebook friend this week had posted her wedding pictures... and they only met 13 months ago. Insane! How do you date, fall in love, know they're the one, become engaged and plan a wedding in just a years time? Call me old fashioned I guess.

But yeah, my apologies for the lack of entries this week. Next week should finally slow down and life will return to normal. And by normal I mean, my house will get cleaned and I'll catch up on everything at work... hopefully.

July 17, 2010
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