Monday, July 18, 2011

First Anniversary

Yesterday marked our first wedding anniversary and we decided on a getaway to Mackinac Island. I love the island. It's such a unique, quiet place to go and just really enjoy the outdoors and whoever you're with. Clay and I made the drive after we got out of work Friday evening and ended up in Mackinaw City around 10ish. Determined not to be our stereotypical old selves, we found a second wind and headed out to the bars. Talk about a desolate town in the middle of prime tourist season. I think there were like 5 people max, but it was fun.

Saturday, we were on the island by 10:30 after dealing with the retarded ferry company. Don't advertise free parking and have a sign by your lot indicating "overnight parking"... then tell us we need to go park off site. Anyways, it was a beautiful day on the island. Not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze, sun shining. Perfect day. Clay and I decided we were going to conquer the inner trails instead of going around the outside perimeter. First few wrong turns led us up steep, root-bound dirt paths that didn't go anywhere. Once we figured out where we were going, had a great time off the beaten path.

I have to share our awesome string of luck though! Went to the fudge place and picked up some mint fudge  for me and taffy for Clay (because he's weird)... costed $15.50. Clay handed the girl a 20 and we got $18.50 back. Whoo hoo overpriced fudge and taffy for only $1.50! Walked next door to check into our hotel that we only had reserved the "cheap" interior room in... front desk lady tells us she's upgraded us to the honeymoon suite! Went to dinner, had some fantastic fettucini alfredo , then went to the Pink Pony for drinks. A guy stumbles in the bar, proclaims he has been smashed since noon and buys a $75 bottle of champagne for me, Clay and the awesome couple next to us and then just left. We should've played the lottery Saturday... feeling way lucky!

Left Sunday morning and hit the road by 11. Went to mom and dad's to cool off in the pool, have some dinner with all 6 of us and grabbed Zora to go home. Absolutely fantastic weekend.... followed by a sluggish Monday. Clay had a secret photo shoot with Zora last week and gave me a really cute picture of the two of them. Great addition to my desk at work. xoxo

Non-anniversary related side note: My best friend finds out the gender of her baby tomorrow and I very very excited for her and her husband! I hope everything goes according to plan!

Stereotypical Mackinac Bridge photo.
The Arches.
My love. Happy anniversary!
Fun times at the Pink Pony.
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