Saturday, July 9, 2011

DIY: Trash Bag Can

After a nice (very warm) walk with Miss Zora this morning, she's passed out and I was looking for something to do other than clean the house. My beloved Pinterest gave me the idea to do another DIY craft project and document it here. This one is actually something that'll come in quite handy in my kitchen. For some reason unknown to me, I've been keeping my trash bags downstairs in the fruit cellar. Doesn't do a whole lot of good when my trash cans are all upstairs. So this lil gem will look much nicer in my cupboards than a messy roll of garbage bags. Enjoy!

For starters, you'll need the following items: clean coffee can, roll of trash bags, decorative paper, glue, ruler and something to cut paper with.

Measure the height of the coffee can and cut the height of the paper accordingly. Please note: you may have to tape a string of images together to make it all the way around. Tape one end down to the can, then gradually apply the glue and stick the graphic down.

I used tacky glue and it made the graphic bubble slightly. Spray mount may have worked betteer.

Next, cut a hole in the coffee can lid large enough for a trash bag to slide out of. 

Feed the top of the outside trash bag up through the hole and put the rest of the roll in the can. Sadly, my roll of trash bags sat quite a bit higher than the coffee can, but with a little force, I squeezed the lid on over them.

Ta da! Decorative tin for your trash bag roll! 
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