Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zora's first week

Zora has officially been part of our family for a full week now. It's pretty hard to believe since she has adapted so well and is learning new things so quickly. We're still working on getting her housebroken, but she's learning to go to the sliding door and either bark or swat at her bell to let us know she wants to go outside. She's still doing really well in her crate at night when it's in our bedroom, but I'm a little nervous she has separation anxiety during the day. I've been coming home at lunch every day and as soon as I let her out of her crate, she completely freaks out. It makes me feel even worse when I have to put her back in the crate after lunch is over. I hope she learns quickly that she only has to be in the crate for a few hours before someone comes home. Makes me sad. :(

On Sunday for Father's day, Zora and I took our first car ride together to Muskegon. I let her sit in the front seat with me; however, she's not a very good co-pilot. I think she was awake for the first 45 seconds or so, then slept the rest of the way. I think I need a bigger front seat, it took her a little bit to figure out which way to curl up on it so she could all fit. It was nice to have some company on the trip. :)

Car ride with mommy.

A couple nights this week, we have family TV time downstairs. Zora does really well not getting on our furniture until she knows we've put down her blanket or a sheet. Although we have two couches down there, we like to all cram on one couch. Why do we have to cram, you might ask? Well, Miss Zora likes to take up at least half the couch while Clay and I have to share one cushion. That's ok, though, we heart her. xoxo

Miss Zora sprawled out on the couch.

She's obviously a puppy based on the amount of sleep she's getting... and she dreams so hard! Clay and I like to watch her when her legs start running in her sleep and she makes the cutest noises. She's definitely a daddy's girl. After TV time done, she just stares at us when we say it's time to go upstairs. She knows Clay will come pick her up like a baby and carry her upstairs. Wouldn't want her to exert any unnecessary energy now!  :)

Sooooo tired. Good thing Daddy carries me to bed.

Zora also had her first trip to the vet with us on Tuesday. She did really well getting her shot and let the vet check her out real well. She has some large red spots on her legs that worried me, but the vet said they were just sand gnat bites and are pretty common and don't effect her at all. We also found out she has hookworm, so we're in the process of treating that. Other than that, she's a healthy, happy pup. 
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