Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zora ♥

Well few and faithful followers, I finally can write about MY OWN DOG! Clay and I finally adopted our own furry kid this week. We started looking through PetFinder for female puppies. At first we came across this dog, Fauna, and really had our hearts set on her. Even picked out a new name for her... Kahlua. The rep for the Animal Placement Bureau said that another family was looking at her too. Slightly discouraged and looking for a second choice, we stumbled across Grizzly... one of Fauna's sisters. We immediately fell in love with her distinct and interesting look. More and more eager to meet her, we placed her as #1 on our list.

Last Sunday we drove to Lansing to the APB Pet Parade. Talk about love at first site. We were able to take Grizzly out of her play pen and interact with her for quite awhile. Like I mentioned in my previous post, these dogs raised strictly in foster homes rather than shelters were so incredibly tame, socialized, friendly... you name it. We asked Julianne (Grizzly's foster mom) if we could continue on with the adoption process. Julianne and her husband made the trip to Holland on Wednesday night (6/15) to do a house check and finalize the adoption.

Without further ado... the newest member of the Archambault family.... Zora. ♥

Zora, like Zorro because of the mask, is a 4 month old Husky/German Shepherd/Pit Bull/Boxer/Lab mix. (Phew!) We absolutely love her! She's such a quick learner, does really well in her crate at night (as long as she can be in our room with us), interacts great with Peanut and Zayla, is gentle around the little kids and is just generally a fantastic dog. She's has even made amazing progress in housebreaking over the last several days. We are so truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog in our lives! 

Speaking of being wonderful, it's only fitting that this special furry kid have a big yard to run around in. Drum roll please.... OUR FENCE IS DONE! Clay and I took Friday off of work to help mom and dad Z start on the fence. We continued and wrapped up the fence today thanks to the help of some of our family members and friends. Couldn't have done it without you guys! In two days, we put up 185' of privacy fence and 200' of chain link fence around our backyard. It looks just so incredible!!!!! 

Next on the project list: In the fall, we're going to rototill our entire backyard, bring in a large amount of black soil, level the yard, then hydroseed. We need some grass people!! Until then though, I will enjoy my beautiful new fence. 

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