Sunday, June 26, 2011

Muskegon weekend.

While Clay had his guy weekend, Miss Zora and I spent Saturday with my mom, Zayla and Peanut. I have a confession to make: chasing three dogs around the house for an entire day makes my achy-womb syndrome disappear almost completely. Talk about exhausting! Chasing three dogs around the house, keeping Zora from swatting at Peanut's eyes (just had cataracts surgery), making sure there were no accidents in my mom's house and trying to get her to see that biting at Zayla did not make her want to play was just about all I could handle.

My mom and I took Zora down to the doggy beach at Bronson Park later on in the evening. Talk about a wuss dog! I'm pretty sure she is the only dog in history that leaves the beach without even so much as her toes wet. I really really want her to like the water, but she was having none of it. Maybe her full speed leap into my parent's pool scared the crap out of her and she'll forever have this fear of water. :(

After the doggy beach, we decided Zora need to have her first visit to Frosty Oasis. She loves ice cream.... naturally, she's my doggy. Finally got over to PetSmart and got her an ID tag.... Zora Archambault. (Someone's gotta uphold the A Z initials.) Last stop on our way home was going to see my cousin's new apartment. Her and her husband have been on the East side of the state for the last couple years and they're finally back home! Zora was very excited to meet more family as usual.

Momma holding her granddogger.

Well folks, my super burned body needs to go hunt down some more aloe. Hope everyone has a fantastic upcoming week! xoxo

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