Monday, June 20, 2011

Make Your ♥ Melt Monday

As if Mondays aren't crappy enough, I started out mine with an extra dose of crappy... literally. We're working really hard with Zora to get her housebroken. We went two full days without any accidents and thought that we were heading in the right direction. This morning I got out of bed right before Clay left for work. He and Zora were out in the kitchen when I got a whiff of something pretty bad. At first I thought maybe the dog had gas... until I saw my white living room carpet. Even in the glow of the street lamp, I could tell this was going to be a rough morning. Miss Zora is currently getting weaned off of her old dog food and onto new stuff and it's making her poo a bit... er, soft.  Ok, enough sugar coating it... I had liquid dog shit covering about a 5 square foot area of my white carpet. Oh hello Mondays, we meet again.

Clay ended up coming home for lunch today, so I didn't get my mid-day spoon fest with Miss Zora. I missed her bunches. We just got back from our walk and I think with a little more training, she'll be a great jogging buddy. That is, if I ever get into jogging.  ;)  Today's featured furry kids are a few Chihuahuas from Noah's Project in Muskegon. We adopted Zayla from Noah's Project several years ago and that was my first gut-wrenching experience with animal shelters. Going there was what made me really want to make a difference and encourage people to look at rescuing animals as opposed to getting them from breeders. 

ChaCha is a female Chihuahua.
Luna is a female Chihuahua.
Tilly is a female Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie mix.

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