Monday, June 13, 2011

Make Your ♥ Melt Monday

Happy Monday folks! Eww, yes, Monday. Please keep your groans to a minimum. I have an interesting week coming up. Super swamped at work right now with various projects all creeping up oh-so-fast as well as some sort of work sponsored luncheon every day this week. I already told the scale this morning that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fall off the boat... hard core. Oh well. Operation fence begins Friday morning bright and early... continues Saturday. Offer's still open to anyone who wants to eat, drink and build a fence!

Lately, I've been broadening my search on to look at more dogs than just the ones at Harbor Humane. I've come across some of the cutest dogs lately both online and at Sunday's Petapalooza. So, this week's featured furry kids are brought to you from the Animal Placement Bureau. They are a system of foster homes that take care of these dogs and are based in Lansing. I highly suggest taking a look at these dogs... especially if you are looking at a family addition. I attended APB's Pet Parade yesterday and was amazed at the difference between dogs that are kept in kenneled shelters vs. foster homes. All these dogs, regardless of size, breed or age, were so "broken-in." Calm, lovable, no jumping, no barking, no pulling on their leash... the difference was so obvious. So take a look at these loves. xoxo

Anise is a female American Pit Bull Terrier Shar Pei mix.

Fauna is a female Boxer Shepherd Husky mix.

Kingston is a male American Pit Bull Terrier.

Spike is a male Chihuahua.

Zora is a female Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever Boxer mix.
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