Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Moose!

People! I have neglected to announce some super awesome news that has already been Facebook official for 4 days now! Shameful. Without further ado..... my super bestest friend ever is.... *insert drum roll here* going to have a baby! Woooooooooooot!

I received a call from her, oh some handful of weeks ago and was given the good news. I'm so excited for her especially since this happy news is long overdue! Baby is due towards the end of December, but it's already been decided (by me) that it'll be born on my birthday, December 11. Because I said so.

Moose, if you're reading this, once the baby excitement/holiday shenanigans have calmed down, I'm saving my vacation days for a long overdue, much needed Florida vacation sometime in January. Plan accordingly. Please note: You + me + baby + palm trees = I may never leave. ;)

Anyways, a super huge congratulations to Phil and Sarah and future baby moose. I can't wait to meet you. xoxo

Congratulations to my best friend and mom-to-be!
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