Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY: Paper Gift Bows

A few months ago, I started bookmarking some cool DIY craft projects I stumbled across online. I seem to go through spurts of different interests and love to find things that keep my hands busy. Crafty projects are my favorite and yes, I do copy other people's ideas instead of coming up with my own. Common misconception: being a graphic designer does NOT mean I'm artistic. I can't draw. I can't paint. I don't come up with arts and crafts projects on a whim. So I steal other people's projects and make 'em my own.

Because I know I ramble on and on and on about dogs and my house projects, I thought sharing some of my favorite DIY craft projects would be a good idea. I'll give 'em a shot and let you know how things turn out. Without further ado...

Find a bright, colorful page out of a magazine... any size will work. Just a heads up, the cheap newsprint type paper will work, but it's super flimsy and not as fun to work with. The thicker, semi-gloss stock works the best. You'll also ned something to cut with, scotch tape, a ruler and stapler.

Cut the page into nine 3/4" wide strips. Leave three of them the original length, cut 1" off three of them, cut 2" off two of them and cut the last strip so that it is only 3.5" long.

Next, twist the eight long strips into a figure eight (graphic side facing out). 

You can either tape or staple the ends in place. I think tape is cleaner.

Now, keeping the same lengths together, arrange them in a flower-like shape and tape/staple them together as shown in the picture. Yes, the graphics will be pointing down, but it'll work. No fear.

Repeat the flower-like process with the next size strips and again with two shortest strips. You will tape each group of strips within the large group you just did. (Hope that makes sense.) 

Take the 3.5" strip and tape it into a circle. This circle fits nicely right in the center of the rest of your strips. 

Ta da! Paper gift bows made from magazine pages! My personal tip: don't pay too much attention to words or other not-so-cool items on the page. Chances are they'll end up on the inside of the boy or will get cut off. Large, colorful graphics have always worked out best for me. 
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