Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there! It was so weird/sad to not be with my family this morning to give my mom her gift. Ashley called and put me on speakerphone so I could be there audibly. Better than nothin'. I ate soggy shredded wheat this morning in honor of all those Mother's Days that Ashley and I got up early to make breakfast in bed for my parents. Apparently we took too long and by the time we got my mom's cereal to her and it was mush. Good times in the Zylstra home.

Spent the day at Aunt Cindy's for awhile and then went to Mom and Dad Arch's house. We had the chance to show both families our awesome wedding video created by my cousin Laura. She did such a beautiful job and I'm so excited to have this amazing keepsake. It's definitely something I'm so excited to be able to show my kids someday. Thank you Laura, I hope to return to favor someday!

Ugh, I miss my family. These family gatherings that I can only stay for a couple hours are not long enough. I mean, crap, I got an email from my dad tonight saying, "send me youtube link, love you" and I started crying. For real. I only talk to my dad like once every two weeks, if that. I never know when to call him because he's always at work and I don't want to interrupt him. I can't wait until he's done with his shananigans in West Virginia. I especially miss him when I have questions and need help with the house. No, he's not just my personal handyman, but it's something we can do together and he's just so awesome at those kind of things. Miss you Dad.

I'm hoping to have an evening cook-a-thon with Mom sometime this week. She's going to help me stock my freezer with dinners because I suck oh so bad at coming up with dinner ideas on the fly. God forbid I plan ahead either. I love mom and Andrea time. I have such an amazing mom and best friend. I'd be so lost without her. Maybe since I'm looking at needing to use up an extra week of vacation before September, I'll have to take a week off and spend it baking in the pool with mother this summer with a margarita or two. Yes, that sounds quite lovely.

Again, Happy Mother's Day everyone and have a great week! xoxo

My beautiful mother and I  07.17.10
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